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  • Essays in the History of Canadian Law Volume XII: New Essays in Women’s History

    Our members’ book for 2023 is Lori Chambers and Joan Sangster, eds., Essays in the History of Canadian Law Volume XII: New Essays in Women’s History, published by the University of Toronto Press. Lori Chambers is Professor of History and Women’s Studies at Lakehead University, and Joan Sangster is Professor Emerita of History at Trent University. This… Read more »

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  • Bora Laskin: Bringing Law to Life

    by Philip Girard, Professor of Law, History & Canadian Studies at Dalhousie University, 2005. Published with the University of Toronto Press. In any account of Canadian law in the 20th century, Bora Laskin looms large. This biography explores in vivid detail the life and times of a restless man on a mission. In his first career,… Read more »

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  • Petticoats and Prejudice: Women and Law in Nineteenth-Century Canada

    by Constance Backhouse, Professor of Law, University of Ottawa. Published with Womens Press, 1991. This is the first comprehensive work in the field of Canadian women’s legal history. Author Constance Backhouse, an internationally-recognized authority on Canadian women’s legal history, has compiled here the most important of her decade’s worth of research. This highly-readable book highlights the… Read more »

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  • Canadian State Trials Volume V: World War, Cold War and Challenges to Sovereignty, 1939-1990

    Edited by J. Barry Wright, Susan Binnie and Eric Tucker. Published by the University of Toronto Press. Barry Wright is Professor of Law and Criminology at Carleton University. Eric Tucker is a Professor at Ogoode Hall Law School. Susan Binnie is an independent scholar. The fifth and final volume of the Canadian state trials series… Read more »

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  • The Supreme Court of Nova Scotia, 1754 – 2004: From Imperial Bastion to Provincial Oracle

    edited by Philip Girard, Professor, Dalhousie Law School, Jim Phillips, Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto, and Barry Cahill, independent scholar.  Published with the University of Toronto Press, 2004. This volume was prepared to coincide with the 250th anniversary of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia, Canada’s oldest surviving common law court. The thirteen… Read more »

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  • The Federal Court of Appeal and the Federal Court: 50 Years of History

    Edited by Professors Martine Valois (University of Montreal), Ian Greene (York University), Craig Forcese (University of Ottawa), and Peter McCormick (University of Lethbridge). Published by Irwin Law. The book marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Federal Court of Canada in 1971 and assesses the contributions of the Federal Court and the Federal Court… Read more »

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  • Canadian Maverick: The Life of Ivan C. Rand

    by William Kaplan. Published with the University of Toronto Press, 2009. Ivan Rand had a long, varied and remarkable career. He is best known for his Supreme Court of Canada judgments in a series of cases emanating from Quebec in the 1950s and dealing with civil rights, cases which established limits on the government’s ability to… Read more »

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  • Dale Brawn

    Dale Brawn is an Associate Professor in the Department of Law and Justice at Laurentian University. He teaches many legal courses including: Public Law, Environmental Law, Property Law, Labour Law, Rights and Law, Great Trials, and Racism & Law. See also: Laurentian University Department of Law and Justice. Dr. Brawn can be reached at dbrawn@laurentian.ca…. Read more »

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  • Judging Bertha Wilson: Law As Large As Life

    by Ellen Anderson, Lawyer, Barrie, Ontario. Published with the University of Toronto Press, 2001. Bertha Wilson is the first woman to be appointed to the Ontario Court of Appeal. She is the first woman to be appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada at that critical moment when the Charter was entrenched. Nevertheless, Bertha Wilson has… Read more »

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  • Just Lawyers: Seven Portraits

    by David Ricardo Williams. Published with the University of Toronto Press, 1995. In 1924 Mackenzie King, on bended knee, pleaded with lawyer, Eugene Lafleur to accept the chief justiceship of Canada, but Lafleur refused. Another lawyer, Gordon Henderson was offered an appointment to the Ontario Court of Appeal but rejected it. Lafleur, Henderson, Frank Covert, Aimé… Read more »