The Osgoode Society has a Student Ambassador Programme at each of the Toronto law schools. Student Ambassadors organize periodic legal history events to promote the Society and subject to interested colleagues.  The events also give the students the opportunity to connect with the lawyers and judges who comprise the Society’s directors.

In October 2023 the Student Ambassadors organised a panel discussion of the Persons’ Case with Society President Robert Sharpe and Society Oral History Director Professor Patricia McMahon, authors of a book on the case, and Professor Sonia Lawrence, who spoke on the continuing significance of the case for constitutional interpretation.

The most recent initiatives were two tours of Osgoode Hall, attended by over 40 students, followed by a reception. Court of Appeal Justice Lorne Sossin was the tour guide. See pictures below.

On Wednesday, March 20th,  Editor-in-Chief Jim Phillips spoke at the Lincoln Alexander Law School at Toronto Metropolitan University. See pictures below.

        Editor-in-Chief Jim Phillips speaking at the Lincoln Alexander Law School.

Participants in the Student Ambassador Event on the Persons Case. From left Eyitayomi Kunle-Oladosu (Student Ambassador, Osgoode Hall Law School), Robert Sharpe and Patricia McMahon, authors of the Osgoode Society book on the Persons Case, and Professor Sonia Lawrence, Osgoode Hall Law School.