Join the Osgoode Society

Established in 1979, the Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal History publishes books on Canadian legal history, and creates and preserves an oral history archive.

Since 1981 the Society has published over 100 books on a diverse range of topics in Canadian legal history and has recorded more than 600 oral histories from various members of the legal profession.

We have recently changed our categories of membership. First, we have added a new category of membership, responding to some of our members who tell us that they want to support the Osgoode Society but do not want our membership book. Members opting for this category will receive a charitable donation receipt for part of their subscription.

Second, we have established a new category of membership for this who wish to show their appreciation for our work and to go above and beyond in supporting us. Join the McMurtry Circle and receive a certificate of appreciation signed by our founder. Members opting for this category will receive a charitable donation receipt for most of their subscription. Editor-in –Chief Professor Jim Phillips has joined the McMurtry Circle, and encourages others to do so.

All categories of membership  other than ‘ Individual Member, No Book’ will continue to come with our members’ book for the year.

Your membership in the Society helps us continue to promote and to preserve Canadian Legal History. Join us!

Select Membership Category:

Student Member $25/yr
Individual Member, with book $60/yr
Individual Member, no book $50/yr
Individual Sustaining Member $165/yr
McMurtry Circle $500/yr

Those who opt for a membership which includes a book will receive Constance Backhouse, Claire L’Heureux-Dubé: A Life. Check the book list for a description.

Optional Extra:

This year we are publishing one optional extra, An Exceptional Law: Section 98 and the Emergency State, 1918-1936, by Dennis Molinaro. Check the book list for a description.

A portion of the individual membership without book, individual sustaining and McMurtry Circle memberships entitle the member to a charitable receipt.