Podcast: Time Immemorial

The Osgoode Society is pleased to announce that we are sponsoring Time Immemorial, a series of podcasts which explore episodes of Canadian legal history.  The podcasts are researched and written by two of our members, Preston Lim and Gregory Ringkamp. For a list of those currently available see below.

We will place all episodes of Time Immemorial on Spotify, which you can access through the following hyperlink: https://open.spotify.com/show/0baJRKO5UlZPnH0nin8xaz. You can play each episode on the Spotify website or via Spotify’s app, which you can download free of charge.


Episode 11 – Dalhousie Law School



Episode 10 – The Trial of Kurt Meyer



Episode 9 – The R.D.S. Case



Episode 8 – Douglas Abbott



Episode 7 – Evelyn Dick in Law and Literature



Episode 6 – The Labrador Border Dispute



Episode 5 – F.R. Scott



Episode 4 – The Case of John Anderson



Episode 3 – The Gouzenko Affair



Episode 2 – The Great War on Trial



Episode 1 – Operation Dismantle