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  • Essays in the History of Canadian Law, Volume IV: Beyond the Law: Lawyers and Business in Canada, 1830-1930

    Edited by Carol Wilton.  Published with Butterworths Canada, 1990. Beyond the Law has been called “the first full-length collection offering a serious scholarly treatment of the role of the legal profession in any aspect of Canadian history”. These essays explore new ground in tracing the increasingly complex involvement of lawyers in Canadian business during a… Read more »

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  • Dewigged, Bothered and Bewildered: British Colonial Judges on Trial

    by John McLaren, Emeritus Professor of Law, University of Victoria. Published with University of Toronto Press, 2011. Canada was but one part of a large and complex empire, and this book is a reminder of that fact and a fascinating exploration of one important aspect of the legal history of the empire – the role of… Read more »

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  • Just Lawyers: Seven Portraits

    by David Ricardo Williams. Published with the University of Toronto Press, 1995. In 1924 Mackenzie King, on bended knee, pleaded with lawyer, Eugene Lafleur to accept the chief justiceship of Canada, but Lafleur refused. Another lawyer, Gordon Henderson was offered an appointment to the Ontario Court of Appeal but rejected it. Lafleur, Henderson, Frank Covert, Aimé… Read more »

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  • Race on Trial: Black Defendants in Ontario’s Criminal Courts, 1858-1958

    by Barrington Walker, Professor of History, Queen’s University. Published with the University of Toronto Press, 2010. In recent years legal historians have been increasingly interested in the social history of the law and in the law’s impact on, among many other social phenomena, race relations. This ground-breaking study investigates the relationship between Ontario’s black community and… Read more »

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  • An Evening of Canadian Legal History -Anna Jarvis and Filippo Sposini Present their Research

    Join us for an evening of new insights into Canadian legal history. This event will explore the work of our 2019 McMurtry Fellowship recipients. Anna Jarvis, Black labour, loyalism, and the law in late eighteenth-century British North America In 1783 five siblings of the Jarvis family of Stamford, Connecticut, were forced to flee the City of New… Read more »

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  • What is Oral History?

    Oral History What is Oral History? Historians have traditionally relied on documents of various kinds while conducting their research. But documents are often insufficient for fully reconstructing the past, and this is as true of legal history as of any other field of history. Court and other legal records from the past have been lost,… Read more »

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  • Brian Dickson: A Judge’s Journey

    by Robert Sharpe, Justice of the Court of Appeal for Ontario and Professor Kent Roach, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto. Published with the University of Toronto Press, 2003. After coming of age during the Depression on the Prairies, being severely wounded in World War II, and after a career as a successful and prosperous… Read more »

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  • The Federal Court of Canada: A History, 1875-1992

    by Ian Bushnell. Published with the University of Toronto Press, 1997. The Federal Court of Canada, existing from 1875 to 1971 under the name Exchequer Court of Canada, has occupied a special place in the court structure of Canada. Established principally to adjudicate legal disputes in which the Canadian government was involved, it has, since its… Read more »

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  • Osgoode Society Legal History Workshop Schedules 2011-2017

    2017 Wednesday January 11 – Dennis Molinaro, Trent University: “The Official Secret.” Wednesday January 25 – Anna Jarvis, York University: “Colonial criminal justice and the Mi’kmaq: the case of Tom Williams, Prince Edward Island, 1839”. Wednesday February 8 – Bill Wylie, Independent Scholar: “The “Majestic Equality” of the Law: Diverging Views on the Reform of… Read more »

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  • Lawyers and Legal Culture in British North America: Beamish Murdoch of Halifax

    by Philip Girard, Professor, Schulich School of Law, Dalhousie University. Published with University of Toronto Press, 2011. Well known to Osgoode Society readers as the author of an award winning biography of Bora Laskin, Philip Girard’s  Lawyers and Legal Culture in British North America: Beamish Murdoch of Halifax is much more than a biography of… Read more »