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  • Fulfilment: Memoirs of a Criminal Court Judge

    by David Vanek. Published with Dundurn Press, 1999. We are very grateful to Judge David Vanek for offering us the opportunity to publish his memoirs. In Ontario provincial court judges are the workhorses of the judiciary, carrying out a huge range of tasks and bearing an enormous burden. Most students of Canadian legal history are familiar… Read more »

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  • Chief Justice W.R. Jackett: By the Law of the Land

    by Richard W. Pound. Published with McGill-Queen’s University Press, 1999. When Richard Pound told us he was working on a biography of Wilbur Jackett, former Chief Justice of the Federal Court of Canada, and asked us to consider publication, we were pleased and somewhat sceptical. We had recently published Ian Bushnell’s history of the Federal Court… Read more »

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  • Evening of Canadian Legal History

    On November 19 Professor Heidi Bohaker will present our fourth evening of Canadian Legal History. Professor Bohaker will present the following : Canada by Treaty: Indigenous Legal Traditions and the Common Law of Property in the Agreements that Shaped a Country. A central fact of the Canadian historical experience is that the French and subsequently… Read more »

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  • June 22, 2020 - The Osgoode Society Announces Awards for 2020

    OSGOODE SOCIETY AWARDS. The Osgoode Society is very pleased to announce the 2020 winners of two of its awards. Peter Oliver Prize. Named for the Society’s first and long-serving Editor-in-Chief, the Peter Oliver Prize is given for published work in Canadian legal history by a student. The 2020 winner is Jacqueline Briggs, a Ph.D. student… Read more »

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  • Peter Oliver

    Professor Oliver was a Professor of History at York University for over 40 years, beginning as a full time lecturer in 1965. His work focused mainly on the political and legal history of Ontario in the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as correctional history and penology. He was noted for his work on a… Read more »

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  • Canadian State Trials Volume V: World War, Cold War and Challenges to Sovereignty, 1939-1990

    Edited by J. Barry Wright, Susan Binnie and Eric Tucker. Published by the University of Toronto Press. Barry Wright is Professor of Law and Criminology at Carleton University. Eric Tucker is a Professor at Ogoode Hall Law School. Susan Binnie is an independent scholar. The fifth and final volume of the Canadian state trials series… Read more »

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  • Essays in the History of Canadian Law, Volume VI: British Columbia and the Yukon

    edited by Hamar Foster and John Mclaren, Faculty of Law, University of Victoria. Published with the University of Toronto Press, 1995. This sixth volume in the distinguished series on the history of Canadian law turns to the central theme in the history of British Columbia and the Yukon – law and order. In the early days of… Read more »

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  • Property on Trial: Canadian Cases in Context

    edited by Eric Tucker, Professor, Osgoode Hall Law School, Bruze Ziff and James Muir, Professors, University of Alberta Law School. Published with Irwin Law, 2012. Despite the huge strides made by Canadian legal history in recent decades, we do not know as much as we should about the law of property, a crucial aspect of… Read more »

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  • Canadian State Trials Volume III: Political Trials and Security Measures, 1840-1914

    edited by Barry Wright, Department of Law, Carleton University, and Dr. Susan Binnie. Published with the University of Toronto Press, 2009. This third volume of the Osgoode Society’s Canadian State Trials series covers the period from the 1840s to the First World War. It examines a range of political trials as traditionally defined, including those arising… Read more »

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  • Borderline Crime: Fugitive Criminals and the Challenge of the Border, 1819-1914

    By Bradley Miller, Professor of History at the University of British Columbia, published by the University of Toronto Press. This is the first comprehensive history of cross-border Canadian-American interactions in relation to fugitive criminals, escaped slaves, and refugees. Miller examines the complexity of those interactions, which involved formal legal regimes governed by treaties as well… Read more »