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  • Law Society of Upper Canada Mark’s Canada’s 150th Birthday

    On 27 September, 2017, the Law Society of Upper Canada will mark Canada’s 150th birthday with an event highlighting the role of lawyers in making the constitution and in the development of the inclusive society we are committed to building. The afternoon event will go from 3 – 6 p.m. and be held at Osgoode… Read more »

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  • What is Oral History?

    Oral History What is Oral History? Historians have traditionally relied on documents of various kinds while conducting their research. But documents are often insufficient for fully reconstructing the past, and this is as true of legal history as of any other field of history. Court and other legal records from the past have been lost,… Read more »

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  • The Politics of Codification: The Lower Canadian Civil Code of 1866

    by Brian Young, Professor Emeritus, Department of History and Classical Studies, McGill University. Published with McGill Queen’s University Press, 1994. Brian Young interprets codification as part of a larger process that included the collapse of the Lower Canadian rebellions, the decline of seigneurialism, the expansion of bourgeois democracy in central Canada, professionalization of the bar, and… Read more »

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  • Lawyers and Legal Culture in British North America: Beamish Murdoch of Halifax

    by Philip Girard, Professor, Schulich School of Law, Dalhousie University. Published with University of Toronto Press, 2011. Well known to Osgoode Society readers as the author of an award winning biography of Bora Laskin, Philip Girard’s  Lawyers and Legal Culture in British North America: Beamish Murdoch of Halifax is much more than a biography of… Read more »

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  • Uncertain Justice: Canadian Women and Capital Punishment 1754-1953

    by F. Murray Greenwood, Emeritus Professor of History, University of British Columbia and Beverley Boissery, Independant Scholar. Published with Dundurn Press, 2000. In recent years, scholars in all disciplines, feminists and traditionalists, have increasingly recognized how significant issues of gender are in understanding most aspects of the human condition. Indeed gender as a category of analysis… Read more »

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  • Canadian State Trials Volume II: Rebellion and Invasion in the Canadas, 1837-1839

    edited by F. Murray Greenwood, Emeritus Professor of History, University of British Columbia and Barry Wright, Professor, Department of Law, Carleton University. Published with the University of Toronto Press, 2002. This second volume of the Canadian State Trials series focuses on the largest state security crisis in 19th century Canada: the rebellions of 1837-1838 and associated… Read more »

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  • Hunger, Horses, and Government Men: Criminal Law on the Aboriginal Plains, 1870-1905

    by Shelley Gavigan, Professor, Osgoode Hall Law School. Published with the University of British Columbia Press, 2012. Shortly after Confederation Canada acquired the territories formerly owned and administered by the Hudson’s Bay Company. Among the formidable challenges brought by this massive land acquisition, the most notable was the task of reconciling the aboriginal peoples of… Read more »

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  • Doodem and Council Fire: Anishinaabe Governance through Alliance

    By Professor Heidi Bohaker. The Osgoode Society is thrilled to announce that Doodem and Council Fire: Anishinaabe Governance through Alliance, by Professor Heidi Bohaker, has been awarded the Canadian Historical Association’s Prize for Best Book in Political History Prize. Congratulations to Professor Bohaker. Doodem and Council Fire: Anishinaabe Governance Through Alliance also won the Ontario Historical Society’s Joseph… Read more »

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  • "Race", Rights and the Law in the Supreme Court of Canada: Historical Case Studies

    by James St. G. Walker, Professor of History and Associate Chair of Graduate Studies at the University of Waterloo. Published with Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 1997. Professor James Walker is a distinguished historian who has made a substantial contribution to understanding the role of minority groups, especially aboriginal populations and those of African ancestry, in the… Read more »

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  • Sir John Beverley Robinson: Bone and Sinew of the Compact

    by Patrick Brode, Legal Counsel, City of Windsor. Published with the University of Toronto Press, 1984. It is appropriate that Patrick Brode’s biography of Sir John Beverley Robinson was published in the year that marked the 200th anniversary of the coming of the loyalists to British North America. Robinson, as Patrick Brode demonstrates, embodied much… Read more »