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  • A History of Law in Canada Volume 1: Beginnings to 1866

    By Philip Girard, Jim Phillips, and Blake Brown. Published by the University of Toronto Press. This book, the first of 2 volumes, presents the history of law in what is now Canada, from the first European contacts with northern North America in the very early sixteenth century to immediately before Confederation. Divided into four parts,… Read more »

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  • Ruin and Redemption: The Struggle for a Canadian Bankruptcy Law, 1867-1919

    by Thomas Telfer, Faculty of Law, University of Western Ontario, published by the University of Toronto Press, 2014. Professor Telfer’s deeply researched book shows that between Confederation and 1919, when the federal parliament passed the Bankruptcy Act that remains the basis of the current law, Canadians debated insolvency law with a perhaps surprising amount of… Read more »

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  • Essays in the History of Canadian Law, Volume III: Nova Scotia

    edited by Jim Phillips, Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto, and Philip Girard, Professor, Osgoode Hall Law School. Published with the University of Toronto Press, 1990. An introduction by the editors is followed by ten essays grouped into four main areas of study. The first is the legal system as a whole: essays in this section discuss… Read more »

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  • Thomas Telfer

    Thomas Telfer is a Professor at Western University Faculty of Law.  He joined Western in 2002 from the University of Auckland, Faculty of Law where he taught for eight years. Professor Telfer’s research and teaching interests include bankruptcy law, commercial law, contracts and legal history. He has been a Visitor at the University of Toronto,… Read more »

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  • John D. Honsberger

    Mr. Honsberger combines the practice of law, which is focused on bankruptcy and insolvency law, with writing in different areas of law, including its history and the legal profession. He was the founding and only editor of the Law Society of Upper Canada Gazette. In 1985 he was a first recipient of the Law Society… Read more »

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  • Research Support Programmes

    Theodor Kerzner Q.C. Research Grants The Society provides research grants to people undertaking scholarly research into any aspect of Canadian legal history. Faculty and graduate students at Universities are eligible, as are independent scholars. These grants, which are unlikely to exceed $3,000 per person, are given to defray research expenses connected with any project in… Read more »