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  • A History of Law in Canada Volume 1: Beginnings to 1866

    By Philip Girard, Jim Phillips, and Blake Brown. Published by the University of Toronto Press. This book, the first of 2 volumes, presents the history of law in what is now Canada, from the first European contacts with northern North America in the very early sixteenth century to immediately before Confederation. Divided into four parts,… Read more »

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  • White Man’s Law: Native People in Nineteenth-Century Canadian Jurisprudence

    by Sidney Harring.  Published with the University of Toronto Press, 1998. In recent years numerous important books have appeared which deal with the history of aboriginal populations in early Canada. Although these studies add enormously to our understanding of the role played by native peoples in the British North American and Canadian communities, there has… Read more »

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  • Evening of Canadian Legal History

    On November 19 Professor Heidi Bohaker will present our fourth evening of Canadian Legal History. Professor Bohaker will present the following : Canada by Treaty: Indigenous Legal Traditions and the Common Law of Property in the Agreements that Shaped a Country. A central fact of the Canadian historical experience is that the French and subsequently… Read more »