Susan Binnie

Susan Binnie is an independent scholar living in Toronto. She was formerly a professor at the University of Ottawa and was also a visiting fellow at the Centre of Criminology, University of Toronto. She has published on parole and legal history. She will be continuing her involvement with the Osgoode Society as the co-editor of Volume V of the Canadian State Trials series.

Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal History Books

Canadian State Trials Volume V: World War, Cold War and Challenges to Sovereignty, 1939-1990 (Toronto: The Osgoode Society, 2022) (editor with Barry Wright and Eric Tucker).

Canadian State Trials Volume IV: Security, Dissent and the Limits of Toleration in War and Peace: , 1914-1939 (Toronto: The Osgoode Society, 2015), 507 pp.(editor with Barry Wright).

Canadian State Trials Volume III: Political Trials and Security Measures, 1840-1914 (Toronto: The Osgoode Society and University of Toronto Press, 2009) 656 pp. (editor with Barry Wright).

Chapters in Osgoode Society Books

‘Maintaining Order on the Pacific Railway: The Peace Preservation Act, 1869-85,’ in Susan Binnie and J. Barry Wright, eds., Canadian State Trials Volume 3: Political Trials and Security Measures, 1840-1914 (Toronto: Osgoode Society and University of Toronto Press, 2009), pp. 204-255.

Introduction: From State Trials to National Security MeasuresĀ in Above. pp.3-32

Other Legal History Publications

Law, Society, and the State : Essays in Modern Legal History (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1995), 558 pp. (editor with Louis A. Knafla)

‘The Blake Act of 1878 : A Legislative Solution to Urban Violence in Post-Confederation Canada’ in above, pp. 234-242.

‘Some Reflections on the “new” Legal History in relation to Weber’s Sociology of Law’ in W. Wesley Pue and J. Barry Wrights, eds., Canadian Perspectives on Law and Society: Issues in Legal History (Ottawa: Carleton University Press, 1988), pp. 29-42.