Donald Fyson

Donald Fyson is Professor of History in the Département d’histoire of Université Laval. He has published extensively in eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth- century Quebec history, with a focus on the relationship between state, law and society, especially as seen through the criminal and civil justice system, the police and local administration. These themes are explored in several articles and in a book, Magistrates, Police and People: Everyday Criminal Justice in Quebec and Lower Canada, 1764-1837 published by the Osgoode Society for Canadian legal history.

In 2007 he won the Prix Lionel-Groulx Fondation Yves-Saint-Germain of the Institut d’histoire de l’Amérique française for best book on the history of French America; the Clio Prize (Quebec) of the Canadian Historical Association for best book in Quebec history, and the book prize of the Canadian Law and Society Association for best book in 2007.

Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal History Books

Essays in the History of Canadian Law, Volume XI: Quebec and the Canadas (Toronto: The Osgoode Society and University of Toronto Press, 2013) pp. 582 (editor with Blaine Baker)

Magistrates, Police, and People: Everyday Criminal Justice in Quebec and Lower Canada, 1764- 1837 (Toronto: The Osgoode Society and University of Toronto Press, 2006), 467 pp. Translated into French and republished as Magistrats, police et société: la justice criminelle ordinaire au Québec et au Bas-Canada (1764- 1837) (Montréal: Hurtubise, 2010), pp. 592.

Chapters in Osgoode Society Books

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‘The Trials and Tribulations of Riot Prosecutions: Collective Violence, State Authority and Criminal Justice in Quebec, 1841-1892’ in Susan Binnie and Barry Wright, eds., Canadian State Trials, Volume III: Political Trials and Security Measures, 1840-1914 (Toronto: The Osgoode Society and University of Toronto Press, 2009), pp. 161-203.

Other Legal History Publications

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