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  • Essays in the History of Canadian Law, Volume VII: Canadian Law Firms in Historical Perspective

    Edited by Carol Wilton. Published with the University of Toronto Press, 1996. This seventh volume in our Essays series, is a pioneering study of an important but neglected Canadian institution. It offers numerous cases studies of Canadian law firms as well as more general analyses. These essays highlight significant periods in the history of a variety… Read more »

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  • Lawyers, Families, and Businesses: The Shaping of a Bay Street Law Firm, Faskens 1863-1963

    by C. Ian Kyer, Lawyer and Historian, published with Irwin Law, 2013. Ian Kyer holds a Ph.D. in history and was for many years a partner at Fasken Martineau. He has combined  his historical and legal expertise to produce a comprehensive account of the first century of Faskens. He takes us through crucial stages in… Read more »

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  • ‘The Thousandth Man’: A Biography of James McGregor Stewart

    by Barry Cahill, Independent Scholar. Published with the University of Toronto Press, 2000. Barry Cahill’s study of the life of James McGregor Stewart adds an exciting new dimension to Canadian legal biography. James McGregor Stewart (1889-1955) was a towering figure in Canada’s inter-war legal and business establishments. The foremost Canadian corporation lawyer of his day, head… Read more »

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  • Brendan O’Brien

    The late Brendan O’Brien was a distinguished lawyer whose years of practice focused mainly on civil litigation. His career spanned six decades, beginning with his graduation from Osgoode Hall (1932). Mr. O’Brien began as a junior with the firm of Phelan and Richardson, rising to become a Senior partner before the firm’s merger with Aylesworth… Read more »

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  • Richard W. Pound

    Richard Pound is a partner in the Montréal office of Stikeman Elliott and member of the firm’s Tax Group. His main areas of practice include tax litigation and negotiations with tax authorities on behalf of clients, in addition to general tax advisory work and commercial arbitration. He is a member of the Quebec and Ontario… Read more »