Osgoode Society Awards for 2022


The Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal History is very pleased announce the winners of its awards for 2022.

Peter Oliver Prize. Named for the Society’s first and long-serving Editor-in-Chief, the Peter Oliver Prize is given for published work in Canadian legal history by a student. The 2022 winner is Jean-Christophe Bédard-Rubin, ‘L’émergence inattendue de la dualité institutionelle à la Cour suprême du Canada depuis Pepin-Robarts’, published in Bulletin d’histoire politique, Vol 29, 2021.

The Hon. R. Roy McMurtry Fellowship in Canadian Legal History. Created on the occasion of his retirement as Chief Justice of Ontario, the McMurtry Fellowship honors Roy McMurtry’s contributions to Canadian Legal History as the founder and long-time President of the Osgoode Society. It supports a graduate or post-doctoral student working in the field of Canadian legal history. This year the Society was able to award fellowships to its first choice and to one honourable mention. The principal winner is Daniel Rohde is an SJD student at Harvard Law School. His research examines the legal history of the Bank of Canada, 1933-1967. The Honourable Mention was awarded to Erin Gallagher-Cohoon is a P.H.D. student in the history department at Queen’s University. her research examines Canadian histories of queer parenting and queer family formations in the twentieth century.

The John T. Saywell Prize in Canadian Constitutional Legal History. Created to honour the memory and legacy of one of Canada’s leading political and legal historians, the Saywell Prize is awarded every other year to a book that has made a substantial and enduring contribution to Canadian Constitutional History. The 2022 winner is Professor Jordan Stanger – Ross and Professor Eric Adams, Landscapes of Injustice: A New Perspective on the Internment and Dispossession of Japanese Canadians (McGill-Queens University Press, 2021.


Congratulations to all our award winners.