Beverley Boissery

Beverley Boissery is a independent historian and an author. She has written eleven books ranging from academic history to young adult fiction. In the 1960s she worked as an elementary school teacher and then went back to school in the 1970s to earn her Bachelor’s degree and Doctorate. She has been a scholar-in-residence at Regent College, University of British Columbia and has also worked as an editor, secondary school teacher and publisher. Her “Sophie” series, written for young adults, is based on the 1838 Lower Canadian Rebellion. The first book in the series, “Sophie’s Rebellion,” won the 2006 Word Guild Award and the second book, “Sophie’s Treason,” was a Canadian Children’s Book Centre “Our Choice” selection. She also received the Surrey International Writers Conference Chamber of Commerce Award for Special Achievement (2006) and the Canada Council Award for Literature (2007). She currently lives in Vancouver and is working on another series of historical fiction.

Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal History Books

Uncertain Justice: Canadian Women and Capital Punishment 1754-1953 (Toronto: The Osgoode Society and Dundurn Press, 2000), 285 pp. (with F. Murray Greenwood)

A Deep Sense of Wrong: The Treasons, Trials and Transportation To New South Wales of Lower Canadian Rebels After the 1838 Rebellion (Toronto: The Osgoode Society and Dundurn Press, 1995)

Other Legal History Publications

‘The Trial of Elizabeth Coward’ Canada’s History, Vol 81, 2001, pp. 20-25 (with F. Murray Greenwood).

‘New sources for Convict History: The Canadien Patriotes in Exile’ Historical Studies, Vol 18, 1978, pp. 277-282 (with F. Murray Greenwood).