Oral History

Mrs. Reginae Tait 1992, 228 pages

Documenting the life and career of Reginae Tait (b. 1910), who served as Lay Bencher for the Law Society of Upper Canada (1974-1987). Interview topics include: volunteer work; Lay Bencher, Law Society of Upper Canada; committees; treasurers; Chairman, Muniments and Memorabilia Committee. Interview conducted by Christine J.N. Kates. File includes eight audio cassette recordings from a series of four interviews and a transcript with index (231 p.).

Date Started: 17/02/1992

Status: Open

Interviewer: Christine J.N. Kates

Number of pages: 228

Archive Details

Archive Link: https://aims.archives.gov.on.ca/scripts/mwimain.dll/144/DESCRIPTION_WEB/WEB_DESC_DET?SESSIONSEARCH&exp=sisn%2065264

Archive Code: C 81-2-0-48

Title: Interviews with Reginae Tait

Date: Feb. 1992 - Oct. 1992

Description: Textual records, Sound recordings

Physical Description: 2 files of textual records (includes 8 audio cassettes (ca. 480 minutes))

Restrictions: None

Container Info: (Textual records are located in container B436832; sound recordings are located in container B436871)

Location: Interview was conducted as part of the Lay Benchers Project.