Oral History

Mr. Joseph Sedgwick 1980, 42 pages

Documenting the life and career of Joseph Sedgwick (b. 1898), a Toronto- area lawyer. Interview topics include: Sedgwick's childhood and education; the evolution of the legal profession; brief recollections of various lawyers. Interview conducted by Joy Clarry. File includes 2 audio cassette recordings from a series of two interviews and a transcript with index (42 p.).

Status: Open

Interviewer: Joy Clarry

Occupation: Lawyer

Number of pages: 42

Archive Details

Archive Link: https://aims.archives.gov.on.ca/scripts/mwimain.dll/144/DESCRIPTION_WEB/WEB_DESC_DET?SESSIONSEARCH&exp=sisn%2065084

Archive Code: C 81-1-0-5

Title: Interviews with Joseph Sedgwick

Date: 1979 - June 1980

Description: Textual records, Sound recordings

Physical Description: 1 file of textual records (includes 2 audio cassettes (ca. 150 minutes))

Restrictions: None

Container Info: (Textual records located in container B436629; sound recordings located in container B436830)