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The Hon. John Arnup 1983, 444 pages

Documenting the life and career of John Douglas Arnup (1911-2005), a Toronto- area lawyer who practiced law with Mason, Foulds, Davidson, Carter & Kellock until he was appointed to the Ontario Court of Appeal (1970-1985), and who is best known for his pioneering work on the universal legal aid system in Ontario. This interview concerns judges who leave the bench and return to private practice, specifically Justice Arthur LeBel, Justice Frank Hughes, Justice Kellock, Justice Locke, and Justice Joseph T. Thorson. Interviewer is unknown. File includes one audio cassette recording and a transcript (14 p.) with index.

Date Started: 04/11/1982

Date Completed: 01/04/1983

Status: Open

Interviewer: Christine J.N. Kates

Occupation: Judge, Judge

Number of pages: 444

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Archive Details

Archive Link: https://aims.archives.gov.on.ca/scripts/mwimain.dll/144/DESCRIPTION_WEB/WEB_DESC_DET?SESSIONSEARCH&exp=sisn%2065103

Archive Code: C 81-1-0-25

Title: Interview with John Arnup about judges leaving the bench

Date: Jan. 1983

Description: Textual records, Sound recordings

Physical Description: 1 file of textual records (includes 1 audio cassette (ca. 45 minutes))

Restrictions: None

Container Info: (Textual records located in container B436642; sound recordings located in container B436498)

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