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The Hon. Gordon Blair 2000, 222 pages

Documenting the life and career of Gordon Blair (b. 1919-2006), a lawyer, politician and judge called to the Bar of Saskatchewan in 1942, the Bar of Ontario in 1952, and was appointed Queen's Counsel in 1975. He was appointed to the Ontario Court of Appeal in 1976. Interview topics include: University of Saskatchewan; Rhodes Scholarship; World War II; External Affairs; Ontario Liberal Party; Counsel, Committee on Capital and Corporate Punishment and Lotteries; International Commission of Jurist; Appointment to Ontario Court of Appeal, 1976 and select cases among others. of seven audio cassette recordings and a transcript with index (223 p.).

Status: Open

Occupation: Judge

Number of pages: 222

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Archive Details

Archive Link: https://aims.archives.gov.on.ca/scripts/mwimain.dll/144/DESCRIPTION_WEB/WEB_DESC_DET?SESSIONSEARCH&exp=sisn%2066935

Archive Code: C 81-1-0-165

Title: Interviews with Gordon Blair

Date: 2000

Description: Textual records, Sound recordings

Physical Description: 1 file of textual records. - 7 audio cassettes (ca. 360 minutes)

Restrictions: No restrictions on access