Oral History Program

The Osgoode Society’s Oral History Program is the world’s largest oral history program dedicated to legal history.

Since 1979, the Society has conducted more than 715 interviews and deposited over 100,000 pages of transcripts in the Archives of Ontario. Interview subjects include lawyers, judges, politicians, and members of the police services. Interview documentation consists of transcripts.

Oral Histories are either held by the Archives of Ontario or by the Osgoode Society.  Those held by the Osgoode Society are not yet available for circulation.

Oral Histories

Search For: ‘Treasurer of the Law Society’ — 14 oral histories found
Name Year Pages Location
The Hon. W. Dan Chilcott 2002 128 C 81-4-0-114
Mrs. Laura Legge 1988 290 C 81-1-0-67
The Hon.William Howland 1992 928 C 81-1-0-126
The Hon. Allan Rock 2009 135 Osgoode Society
Mr. Brendan O'Brien 1980 183 C 81-1-0-17
Mr. Brendan O'Brien 1997 179 C 81-1-0-134
The Hon. Frank Marrocco 2008 356 C 81-4-0-168
Mr. Gavin MacKenzie 2010 333 C 81-4-0-174
Mr. Harvey Strosberg 2005 225 Osgoode Society
The Hon. Robert Armstrong 2004 213 Osgoode Society
Ms. Susan Elliott 2002 260 Osgoode Society
Prof. Vern Krishna 2005 206 Osgoode Society
Mr. W.A. Derry Millar 2011 220 Osgoode Society
The Hon. Colin Bennett 1984 173 C 81-1-0-26