Oral History Program

The Osgoode Society’s Oral History Program is the world’s largest oral history program dedicated to legal history.

Since 1979, the Society has conducted more than 600 interviews and deposited over 90,000 pages of transcripts in the Archives of Ontario. Interview subjects include lawyers, judges, politicians, and members of the police services. Interview documentation consists of transcripts.

Oral Histories are either held by the Archives of Ontario or by the Osgoode Society.  Those held by the Osgoode Society are not yet available for circulation.

Oral Histories

Search For: ‘Court Administration’ — 10 oral histories found
Name Year Pages Location
Madame Anne Roland 1995 85 Osgoode Society
The Hon. Mr. Archie Campbell 2008 261 C 81-4-0-145
Mr. Gerard Bertrand 1995 73 Osgoode Society
The Hon. Howard Hampton 2002 49 C 81-4-0-99
Mr. Kenneth Campbell 1980 218 C 81-1-0-16
Mr. Richard Chaloner 2002 378 C 81-4-0-102
Mr. Robert Biljan 1992 121 Osgoode Society
The Hon. Sidney Linden 1998 401 C 81-4-0-53
The Hon. Ted Andrews 1995 222 C 81-4-0-26
The Hon.William Howland 1992 928 C 81-1-0-126