Oral History Program

The Osgoode Society’s Oral History Program is the world’s largest oral history program dedicated to legal history.

Since 1979, the Society has conducted more than 715 interviews and deposited over 100,000 pages of transcripts in the Archives of Ontario. Interview subjects include lawyers, judges, politicians, and members of the police services. Interview documentation consists of transcripts.

Oral Histories are either held by the Archives of Ontario or by the Osgoode Society.  Those held by the Osgoode Society are not yet available for circulation.

Oral Histories

Search For: ‘Aboriginal Canadian Lawyers & Judges’ — 6 oral histories found
Name Year Pages Location
Chief David Lewis 1990 63 C 81-1-0-100
Mr. David Nahwegahbow 1990 79 C 81-1-0-109
Mr. Donald Auger 1990 101 C 81-1-0-107
Mr. Elton Brant 1990 64 C 81-1-0-108
Chief Glenn Lickers 1990 55 C 81-1-0-101
Mr. Lonny Bomberry 1990 41 C 81-1-0-98