Osgoode Hall: An Illustrated History

by John Honsberger. Published with Dundurn Press, 2004.

Published to celebrate our 25th anniversary John Honsberger, a Toronto lawyer, editor and author, has produced a richly illustrated book with more than 50 coloured and 150 black and white photographs, describes the fascinating history of one of Canada’s most historic public buildings. The Hall, intended to be the focal point of the legal profession in Upper Canada, has become a symbol of the legal tradition across Canada. This splendidly illustrated volume is a worthy tribute to on of Canada’s architectural gems.


Ontario Historical Society's Fred Landon Award 2006

Reviews of Osgoode Hall: An Illustrated History

Honsberger ... takes the reader on a tour first of the building then through the history of the legal profession so intimately connected with it. What a fascinating journey it is, made human with anecdotal references to many strong personalities, and illustrated with stunning photographs of the Hall and its contents.  Chris and Pat Raible, Ontario Historical Society Bulletin, December 2004
Honsberger supplies ... a remarkable sense of place, more specifically of professionalized public spaces... The value of this book resides in its astute and readable relation of the significance of both architectural and institutional structure in contributing to, while also memorializing, changing social aspiration and practice.  Rhodri Windsor-Liscombe, Canadian Historical Review, Vol 86, 2005, p. 739.

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