My Life in Crime and other Academic Adventures

by Martin Friedland, Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto. Published with the University of Toronto Press, 2007.

Professor Martin Friedland has been involved in many areas of legal research and law reform in his career, and the Osgoode Society is very pleased to be able to publish his account of that involvement, especially as his public service includes many years as a director of the Society. This book examines his contributions and sets them in the broader context of public policy making across a range of issues. These include various aspects of criminal justice reform, securities regulation, judicial independence and accountability, anti-terrorism policy, and much more.

Reviews of My Life in Crime and other Academic Adventures

Martin Friedland's ... is both a personal memoir and a lively review of much that has happened in Canadian legal policy during the  last forty years. Most of My Life in Crime explores the many public policy inquiries to which Friedland has contributed over the years. He advised on the regulation of gambling and other questions of public morality. He did one of the early studies of gun control. He reported  on regulation of the securities industry. He contributed to studies of  the structure of the courts, legal aid, national security law,  wrongful conviction, and military justice reform.... Any lawyer or student interested in these issues will find much of value in  Friedland's survey of each and may be surprised at how lively and  engaging Friedland's narratives of them are. Throughout, he mixes the public policy story with a funny, upbeat, unpretentious autobiography  that testifies to his myriad friendships, his relentless enthusiasm for new experience, his gift for team building and, it seems, his unfailingly sunny outlook. Christopher Moore, Law Times, 7 July 2008
All in all, My Life in Crime and Other Academic Adventures by Martin L. Friedland is a wonderful autobiography of an individual who has accomplished much and who has observed, studied and commented upon the critical issues of the last half-century with aplomb, insight and becoming modesty. Gilles Renaud, Criminal Law Quarterly, Vol. 54, 2008.

Reviews have also appeared in the following publications:

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