Middleton: The Beloved Judge

by John D. Arnup. Published with McClelland & Stewart, 1988.

William Edward Middleton served as Justice of the Supreme Court of Ontario for thirty-three years. His written judgments, many still cited today, are models of insight and wisdom. In addition to his contribution to jurisprudence, Middleton, at a time when a number of Supreme Court Justices were belligerent to counsel and irascible toward their brother judges, set a high standard of courtesy and civility that has endured to the present day. The Honourable John D. Arnup, himself a distinguished member of the Court of Appeal for Ontario from 1970 to 1985, consciously carried on in the Middleton tradition. Mr. Arnup knew Middleton well and admired him greatly. Based on personal knowledge as well as research into frequently elusive sources, Mr. Arnup’s study of Middleton focuses on his judicial career, his role as law reformer, and his influence on the style and substance of the High Court. One of the purposes of the Osgoode Society is to encourage members of the legal profession to take pen in hand and to share their experiences with a wider public. Mr. Arnup’s warm and affectionate portrait of his distinguished predecessor is an enjoyable and immensely informative work.

Reviews of Middleton: The Beloved Judge

[This book] follows the high standards of the Osgoode Society in providing a solid contribution to Ontario’s legal history.  DeLloyd J. Guth, Canadian Bar Review, Vol. 68, 1989, p. 862.
A book in which the author presents a written tribute focusing on Middleton’s judicial career, his role as a law reformer, and his influence on the style and substance of the Supreme Court. Patrick Boyer, Muskoka Sun.

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