Essays in the History of Canadian Law, Volume V: Crime and Criminal Justice

Edited by Jim Phillips, Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto, Tina Loo, Professor, Department of History, University of British Columbia, and Susan Lewthwaiteindependent scholar. Published with the University of Toronto Press, 1994.

This fifth volume in the Osgoode Society’s distinguished essay series on the history of Canadian law turns to the important issues of crime and criminal justice. In examining crime and criminal law specifically, the volume contributes to the long-standing concern of Canadian historians with law, order, and authority. The volume covers criminal justice history at various times in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes. It is a study which opens up greater vistas of understanding to all those interested in the interstices of law, crime, and punishment.

Reviews of Essays in the History of Canadian Law, Volume V: Crime and Criminal Justice

Essays in the History of Canadian Law ... marks the solidification of this field in Canadian historiography. Crime and Criminal Justice will serve as the standard upon which future studies must be based and subsequently measured. Michael Boudreau, Archivaria, vol 40, 1995
The participants are to be congratulated for producing a superb introduction to Canadian criminal justice history. Greg Marquis, American Journal of Legal History, vol 40, 1995
This compilation is an excellent addition to the book shelves of Canadian historians, social scientists and legal scholars.... These articles should be read by any politician who is concerned about criminal recidivism and the protection of the public. Ian Wagner, Canadian Law Libraries, vol 20, 1995

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