Oral History

The Hon. Marvin Zuker 2009, 144 pages

Documenting the life and career of Mr. Justice Marvin Zuker (b. 1941) who was appointed to the bench in 1978. This interview concerns his personal and professional history. File includes six audio cassette recordings and a transcript (144 p.). This interview was recorded on December 18, 2008.

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Occupation: Judge

Number of pages: 144

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Archive Details

Archive Link: http://ao.minisisinc.com/scripts/mwimain.dll/144/ARCH_LISTINGS/LISTINGS_DET_REP/REF_FILE%20C%2081-4-0-165?SESSIONSEARCH

Archive Code: C 81-4-0-165

Title: Interview with Mr. Justice Marvin Zuker

Date: 2008

Description: Textual records, Sound recordings

Physical Description: 1 file of textual records. - 6 audio cassettes (ca. 720 minutes)

Restrictions: B862575 B866631

Location: Interview conducted as part of the Provincial Court History Project.